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Born 14th August, 1954, in Cracow, Poland. He started his professional career ad the age of nineteen.
Since then, he has worked with many most popular Polish bands and stars.
Surzyn is best known for his ability to play in a wide variety of styles.
He has played also with Breakout, Traffic Lights, Sammy Clark, Scieranski Surzyn Trio, Kciuk Surzyn Band, Maxine Howard, Hiram Bullock, Eros Ramazzotti, Julio Iglesias, Martin Koller, Virtual J@zz Reality, Grand Standard Trio and others.
Surzyn has been active as a lecturer and as a juror at various types of music workshops and festivals. He has composed and performed music to a number of films, TV programs and shows, and theater plays. He has taken part in many fastivals: Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Ingolstadter Jazz Tage, Art Days Budapest, Ostend Jazz Festival, Jazz Blues Days Tallin, Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally. As an artist he visited also former Soviet Union,USA, Australia, Korea, Middle East and many others.
Marek Surzyn has recorded near two hundred albums of which nine were his own, and four out of these nine were considered very good by the readers in many professional magazines. He was a leader and co-leader of several bands that got very positive reviews as well.
He is constantly invited to radio and TV programs and shows. There was a documentary made on him by TVP2 called "Takt, tylko takt".
Since 1997 Surzyn is the Zildjian Company endorser.
In 2014 he was given An Occasional Prize of the Minister Of Culture And National Heritage. The same year, he was decorated with a Medal for Merit to Culture "Gloria Artis".
Currently he is mainly performing in his own show and composing occasionally.
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